If you already have images of your artwork, please use our Google form (at bit.ly/submittocalliope) to upload your artwork and information by 4/30/21. You’ll need to be logged in to your district account to access the form. You may submit as many pieces as you like, but the form is limited to 10 files at a time. 

If you don’t already have images of your work, please read on!


You’ll need your artwork, a camera and natural light. 

  • If you have a digital camera, please use it, but most smartphone cameras can also produce quality images. When using either, make sure that you choose the highest quality setting and resolution available.
  • Overcast, hazy days are great for photographing artwork, because the light is diffused and doesn’t produce harsh shadows. Likewise, for the most even lighting and to avoid glare, it’s best to avoid using on-camera flash. 
  • Photograph your work by filling as much of the frame as evenly as possible, without cropping any edges. Avoid “zooming in” with your camera or smartphone – instead, just move closer to the artwork. Don’t worry about any unwanted background elements – we will crop those out if necessary.
  • Feel free to submit multiple images if you are unsure of which is best! Detail images are also welcome.


If you’d prefer for us to handle documenting your artwork, we’ll be holding after school sessions in room W414 at the Winnetka campus. Label your artwork with your name and student ID number, and drop it off between 3:45-4:45 on April 28th, 29th, or 30th. We will photograph or scan your pieces, and email you to let you know when they are ready to be picked up! 

Please reach out to Ms. Tag (at [email protected]) if you have any questions or concerns.


Last but not least, thank you for submitting your artwork for consideration!
We appreciate your support and can’t wait to see what you’ve created.